Net profits from the sales of Mute‘s STUMM433 box set will be split between the British Tinnitus Association and Music Minds Matter, charities chosen to honour Inspiral Carpets’ founding member Craig Gill who suffered from anxiety and depression as a result of his tinnitus in the years up to his untimely death.

The British Tinnitus Association

Around one in ten people experience tinnitus, the sensation of sound in the head or ears when there is no corresponding external sound. This means for people with tinnitus, silence is elusive and for some – impossible.

The British Tinnitus Association is the only national charity solely dedicated to the tinnitus community. Our vision is a world where no one suffers from tinnitus. We provide information, support and research funds to make this vision a reality.

Help Musicians

Help Musicians is an independent charity, with an extraordinary history. For nearly 100 years, the charity has provided a broad spectrum of help, support and opportunities to empower musicians of all ages, at any stage of their career, from times of great need to times of opportunity, providing a lifetime of support when it is needed most.

The charity is uniquely placed to take a personalised approach with each individual supported, through its integrated programme that offers Creative Development and Health & Welfare services.

In 2018, Help Musicians 2018 saw a 67% increase in demand for its services across both creative development and health and welfare. The need among musicians is bigger than ever before and this trend is set to continue. Help Musicians aims to make a meaningful difference to the lives of even more musicians by growing reach and becoming even more national in the coming years.

The charity can do more through collaboration and builds strong relationships within the music industry, the health sector and beyond to promote and advocate for musicians’ wellbeing, mental health, hearing health, career progression and more.

With a research-led approach, Help Musicians shares insights, knowledge, resources and best practice, while developing preventative support and initiatives to sustain careers and ultimately improve working conditions for musicians across the sector. The charity is passionate about a world where musicians thrive.

To support Help Musicians click here, email or call 0207 239 9100.

Music Minds Matter

Help Musicians UK understands the complexity of working in music and created Music Minds Matter as a dedicated service for anyone working in the industry. If you work in music and are struggling to cope, or know someone who is, talk to us. You can contact Music Minds Matter on 0808 802 8008 or by emailing

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